Shrek The Musical

Shrek The Musical, 22 Jan – 7 Feb Broadway / The Green Ogre of Broadway is in Istanbul!

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22 January, 2016 – 7 February, 2016

 Main Theatre / Broadway

The Green Ogre of Broadway is in Istanbul!

Behind his scary and hairy physique lies a heartwarming personality… We’re adressing the influential green ogre; The Shrek. The well-known fairytale hero and his companions are coming to Zorlu PSM this winter with Shrek The Musical!

The storm of the green creature Shrek started raving the coasts of popular culture since the early 90s so to speak… Celebrated New Yorker cartoonist and author William Steig’s early drawings came to full blossom with the moving picture of the same name Shrek in 2001, and the rest is a fun fuelled history. With the sweet smell of success, came three more films and Shrek became a very well known, go-to character in popular culture. With his dry humor and eery posture, he transformed into a celebrated hero for adults as well. After many video games and comic books, came the musical within the same name: Shrek The Musical!

Shrek The Musical hit the ground running in Broadway and spreaded its success throughout the most prestigious musical stages in the world, over the last decade.

The critically hailed show’s fascinating music is composed by Jeanin Tesari and the lyrics has been put together by David Lindsay-Abaire. This fitting combination dominated many prestigious awards and the musical has been nominated for a Grammy, as well as 8 Tony Awards in addition… Speaking of awards; Tim Hatley bagged two Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Set Design and Costume Design, so watch out for the exquisite layout of the show!

Shrek The Musical will be staged for 22 times in total with Turkish subtitles in Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi this winter and the stage will be created from scratch, using the gigantic layout of the award winning set design. You put 10 containers full of set design brilliance, 60 incredibly talented actors and actresses with a luminous live orchestra in a room to find the winning formula of the championing show Shrek The Musical.

Here are some major points, as well as minor ones about the show:

– Steven Spielberg bought the rights to the William Steig’s book in 1991, before even founding the DreamWorks.
– The film version of the Shrek’s pre-production kickstarted around 1995.
– The first artist that was considered to do the voice for Shrek was the comedian Chris Farley. Unfortunately Mr. Farley died mid-way during the project and DreamWorks cast the role to Mike Myers.
– Unlike the rest of the animated films of the early 2000s, the first Shrek installment earned 484 million Dollars at the worldwide box office and bagged the first ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
– Shrek was rewarded his own personal star on the notorious Walk of Fame in 2010.

Shrek The Musical will be staged in between 22 January – 7 February 2016 for the first time in Turkey, at Zorlu Performing Arts Center!

Show Time

      • 22 JAN -14:30, 20:30
      • 23 JAN -14:30, 20:00
      • 24 JAN -14:00, 19:30
      • 26 JAN – 20:30
      • 27 JAN – 20:30
      • 28 JAN – 20:30
      • 29 JAN – 20:30
      • 30 JAN – 14:30,20:00
  • 31 JAN – 14:00,19:30
  • 02 FEB – 20:30
  • 03 FEB – 20:30
  • 04 FEB – 20:30
  • 05 FEB – 20:30
  • 06 FEB – 14:30,20:00
  • 06 FEB – 14:00, 19:30
Special Rules:

Children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the theatre.
Send Request for Tickets  (price from 40 euro)

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